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Racing Tragedy Inspires a New Watercraft Design
Built for Greater Speed and Smooth Ride!

Off road racer Mike Lee's life was shattered when a family member crashed during a race and was paralyzed from the neck down. The well known racer and his family were involved in the world of off road racing and the thrill of speed was their life. The accident also ended Mike’s racing career and his life spiraled into depression, drugs, and alcohol.

After taking back his life in 1993 he began to think of a way someone with limited mobility could enjoy high speed exhilaration once again. Mike began to envision a new type of watercraft that could go fast while sustaining a smooth ride, unlike most powerboats today. This was inspired by watching an educational show about the tuna fish and how they swim through the water with great bursts of speed.

Mike Lee has designed a new concept for boat and watercraft propulsion. It will revolutionize boat design forever by allowing the watercraft to sustain high speeds while slicing through sea swells, not over them. The new design was recently awarded U.S. and International patents for the overall design, as well as detailed systems the watercraft will employ.

• New type of high speed, rough water design cuts through waves – not over them
• Able to sustain speeds of over 100 mph in 20 foot swells
• U.S. and International Patents awarded
• A valuable tool for military, police or rescue agencies
• A full size “proof of concept” or mock up is being built
• Concept being unveiled to the public at the International Sail & Power Boat Show

Mike is now building a “proof of concept” mock up of the watercraft to show to military interests and other industries. He is focused on finishing it by the end of 2004. So far this project has been completely financed by private individuals and work performed by volunteers. The concept will be unveiled to the public at the International Sail & Power Boat Show in Long Beach, CA, September 23rd - 28th, 2004. Look for us at booth T-328 right next to the dock.

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